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Sweden Selected

Savor Media has spent years working on the development of a top destination magazine for English  and Chinese market. The magazine will cover 120 pages, mainly about Stockholm as well as Gothenburg, Malmö/Skåne and northern of Sweden. The first edition was distributed during the winter 2010/2011. Since then we have put a lot of work into developing the content and design, to make the magazine even better. To know more please contact Birgitta Ossmyr or Sanchia Lambert.

Target Group
The affluent Chinese tourists and business travelers are a fast growing audience for the Swedish tourism industry. Today it is the largest single tax-free group with 40% of the market and it rapidly increases. 

International high end tourists who have English as their mother tongue or a second language. Typical nationalities are Americans, Britons, Indians and tourists from Arab countries.

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Savor Stockholm

Savor Stockholm is today by far the most exclusive inspirational book Stockholm’s finest hotels can offer their guests. The book currently covers 280 pages of tips and recommendations on interesting shops, restaurants and attractions. You find Savor Stockholm in 6 000 hotel rooms at four- and fivestar hotels in Stockholm. All advertisers are carefully selected to represent the best in their genres. Savor Stockholm is published once a year. The first book was published 2009. Awarded for the design 2009. 

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Dining Recommendations


Dining Recommendations is an English-language information brochure that is produced in cooperation with Kenneth Lagström, which provide a printed supplement to Savor Media Conciergetjänst. Content wise, we have chosen to highlight restaurants with a focus on the cultural, culinary and historical values. Dining Recommendations distributed via Savor Media’s own Concierge service in place on cruise ships and in hotels and authorized tourist offices in Stockholm.
Dining Recommendations distributed via Savor Media’s own Concierge service in place on cruise ships and in hotels and authorized tourist offices in Stockholm.

Read dining Recommendations here!
Restaurants we recommend on Dining Recommendations 2017, see here

Stockholm Free Map


Stockholm Free Map is the result of our partner’s desire for a product that is tailored to the cruise traffic, sightseeing business, airports and tourist offices.
The map has been produced in consultation with Strömma Turism & Sjöfart and our other distributors. Stockholm Free Map is available in eight languages; English, Spanish, German, Chinese. Italian, Russian, Finnish and Swedish.

Stockholm Free Guide

Savor Media has issued the Stockholm Fee Guide annaually since 1996. At the request of advertisers and distribution partners the specimen was divided a few years ago into the Stockholm Free Guide and Stockholm Free Map. Stockholm Free Guide has since then been with the new name further consolidated what we do and what area the product covers.

Stockholm Free Guide is the only free guide with a comprehensive focus on shopping, dining, activities, attractions and culture, without focusing on events. Stockholm Free Guide is distributed through hotels, tourist agencies, airports, Strömma Turism & Sjöfart and by Savor Media’s own staff at the various cruiseship ports of call in Stockholm.

Hotels maps


It does not matter if you’re an advertiser, distributor or a hotel guest, everyone has equal use of a hotel map. When we produce a map of the hotel we base it on the hotel’s aspirations and knowledge of their guests. Hotel guests will find the information and guidance that she or he is seeking. Who has more knowledge to define this than the staff at the hotel that would distribute the map? Advertisers must feel secure that the offer (from the store, restaurant or attraction) to reach their target audience among the guests at the hotel. By engaging all the parties involved, the end result is a popular concept.