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Savor Media AB is a media company working in the swedish hospitality industry since 1996. We create marketing to affluent tourists and business travelers coming to Sweden.

Together we offer product development, design, production and distribution (eg tailored publications for hotels). Savor Media today accounts for a large number of publications in close collaboration with many of Stockholm’s best hotels, and other important stakeholders in the hospitality industry. On annual basis we also issue “Savor Stockholm”, Sweden’s most exclusive publication in the hospitality industry.

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tourist-infoInside Sweden’s biggest department store: Åhléns City in Stockholm we can help you with everything from tips on sights, ticket sales for public transport and attractions, hotel and restaurant reservations, and free maps and city guides. You will also find toilets, storage lockers for your bags, and the chance to charge your phone. Welcome to Åhléns Tourist/Information Center, with Stockholm’s most generous opening hours.

Address: Klarabergsgatan 50 / Stockholm, Sweden | Telephone:+46 (0)725 803 860 |

tourist-infoThe Viking Line cruise terminal at Stadsgården has an authorized tourist office serving passengers as they exit the ferry. The tourist information officers, many of whom speak Russian and Finnish, can help add a special touch to any Stockholm visit with information on restaurants, attractions and sightseeing. Visitors can purchase public transportation (SL) tickets, Hop On Hop Off tickets, the bike card, Stockholm Card, and transfer tickets to downtown Stockholm.

Address: Tegelvikshamnen / Stockholm, Sweden | Telephone:+46 (0)73 747 20 52 | E-mail:  | Website:

tourist-infoIn Tallink-Silja terminal in Värtahamnen are an authorized tourist office located in the arrivals hall. Tourist information officers who are often Russian and Finnish speakers help to advise on attractions, restaurants, shopping and sightseeing. They sell day tickets for public transport (SL), Stockholm Card, Hop On Hop Off tickets, bicycle cards and transfer tickets Stockholm city center and much more.

Address: Södra Hamnvägen 46 / Stockholm, Sweden | Telephone:+46 (0)73 633 16 39 | E-mail:  | Website:

tourist-infoIn Magasin 2 Frihamen are an authorized tourist office located in the arrivals hall. From Frihamnen the Tallink Silja ferries travel to and from Riga. St. Peter Line ferries travel to and from Saint Petersburg and Helsinki. The Frihamnen terminal has two Ro-Ro quays and the passenger terminal is housed inside the Magasin 2 building. The location of the Ro-Ro quays means that the total ferry length that can be accommodated is around 360 metres when there are two ferries in port at the same time.

Address: Frihamnen Magasin 2 / Stockholm, Sweden | Telephone:+46 (0)73 633 16 39 | E-mail:  | Website:

The Parlament | Photo © Ryhor Bruyeu/Istockphoto
Savor Media offers customized concierge services with its own staff on site at the hotel or cruise ship. It may be a few hours or one to two days when large groups visit Stockholm. Savor Media’s own staff are specialists on what Stockholm got to offer.  Savor Media is unique in offering external concierge services for cruise ships at berth in Stockholm.

tourist-infoSavor Media launched in the summer of 2012, what is believed to be, the world first mobile tourist information cars. The launching, which is welcomed by the Stockholm Visitors Board, helps the visitors in Stockholm right on the spot. The launch was a huge success and the popular tourist information cars currently serves Stockholms most crowded tourist areas.
The car is driven by a tourist information adviser who serves tourists with tourist information service and distribution of brochures, books, maps, and the sale of tickets, souvenirs and booking service in various forms.


Savor Stockholm

Savor Stockholm is today by far the most exclusive inspirational book Stockholm’s finest hotels can offer their guests. The book currently covers 280 pages of tips and recommendations on interesting shops, restaurants and attractions. You find Savor Stockholm in 6 000 hotel rooms at four- and fivestar hotels in Stockholm. All advertisers are carefully selected to represent the best in their genres. Savor Stockholm is published once a year. The first book was published 2009. Awarded for the design 2009. 

Read the book here

Sweden Selected

Savor Media has spent years working on the development of a top destination magazine for the Russian, speaking english  and Chinese market. The magazine will cover 120 pages, mainly about Stockholm as well as Gothenburg, Malmö/Skåne and northern of Sweden. The first edition was distributed during the winter 2010/2011. Since then we have put a lot of work into developing the content and design, to make the magazine even better. To know more please contact Birgitta Ossmyr or Sanchia Lambert. The target audience is affluent visitors USA and China.

Read the magazine here
Visit Sweden Selected

Dining Recommendations

Dining Recommendations is an English-language information brochure that is produced in cooperation with Kenneth Lagström, which provide a printed supplement to Savor Media Conciergetjänst. Content wise, we have chosen to highlight restaurants with a focus on the cultural, culinary and historical values. Dining Recommendations distributed via Savor Media’s own Concierge service in place on cruise ships and in hotels and authorized tourist offices in Stockholm.
Dining Recommendations distributed via Savor Media’s own Concierge service in place on cruise ships and in hotels and authorized tourist offices in Stockholm.

Read dining Recommendations here!
Restaurants we recommend on Dining Recommendations 2016, see here

Stockholm Free Map

Stockholm Free Map is the result of our partner’s desire for a product that is tailored to the cruise traffic, sightseeing business, airports and tourist offices.
The map has been produced in consultation with Strömma Turism & Sjöfart and our other distributors. Stockholm Free Map is available in eight languages; English, Spanish, German, Chinese. Italian, Russian, Finnish and Swedish.

Stockholm Free Guide

Savor Media has issued the Stockholm Fee Guide annaually since 1996. At the request of advertisers and distribution partners the specimen was divided a few years ago into the Stockholm Free Guide and Stockholm Free Map. Stockholm Free Guide has since then been with the new name further consolidated what we do and what area the product covers.
Stockholm Free Guide is the only free guide with a comprehensive focus on shopping, dining, activities, attractions and culture, without focusing on events. Stockholm Free Guide is distributed through hotels, tourist agencies, airports, Strömma Turism & Sjöfart and by Savor Media’s own staff at the various cruiseship ports of call in Stockholm.

Hotels maps

It does not matter if you’re an advertiser, distributor or a hotel guest, everyone has equal use of a hotel map. When we produce a map of the hotel we base it on the hotel’s aspirations and knowledge of their guests. Hotel guests will find the information and guidance that she or he is seeking. Who has more knowledge to define this than the staff at the hotel that would distribute the map? Advertisers must feel secure that the offer (from the store, restaurant or attraction) to reach their target audience among the guests at the hotel. By engaging all the parties involved, the end result is a popular concept.

Stefan Ossmyr

Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer. | | +46 705308555


Therese Almlöf

Tourist Agency Manager | At Åhléns City, Cruise terminals Viking/ Silja line and St Peters Line. | | +46 73 666 7919


Richard Sundström

Vice Tourist Agency Manager, Distribution Manager | | +46 707387912|


Birgitta Ossmyr

Sales and marketing manager | | +46 706513948


Tarek Serraf

Sales manager | | +46 76 945 95 40


Cecilia Aguilera

Media digital manager | And Graphic Designer for web and print production. | | +46 736331639


Gabriel Kotowski

Graphic designer, print | | +46 736331639


Carina Berg

Graphic designer print | | +46 736331639


Kenneth Lagström

Contributor, editor At Savor Stockholm, Dining Recommendations. | | +46 705562725


Sanchia Lambert

Contributor At Sweden Selected, Editor and Creative Director | | +46 761669469


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